Why is it so easy to become enamored with people from history like Jackie Kennedy? Why are people drawn to cultural explosions like “Hamilton”? Why is it so easy to talk about football?

Last night Tom Ellis led our life group through a study of Colossians 1:15-23 which led to our asking ourselves some of these simple questions. Side note, I love it when Tom teaches, he clearly and humbly points us to Jesus and trusts God will work; leading a life group with him is a blessing. Last night his point was simple: Jesus is better. As he led us through these verses, we sat in and reflected on rich biblical truth.

Truth which inspires awe

In this passage Paul says some things about Jesus that are just so magnificent that it is hard to wrap our minds around them. Listen to these wondrous, mind-stretching truths:

-Jesus is the image of the invisible God (v. 15)

-In Him ALL the fullness of God was pleased to dwell (v. 19)

-All things were created through Him (v.16)

-All things were created for Him (v. 16)

-All things are held together by Him (v. 17)

-This man, Jesus, made peace by the blood of His cross (v. 20)

-His cross allows us to be presented as holy and blameless (v. 22)

When Paul presents this truth, he is calling for us to respond with awe because that is the proper response to this staggering truth.

Problem: We don’t live with awe

The problem is…We often react to this good news with complacency. Many of us confessed that there is a gap between the proper response to what Paul is discussing and the reality of our daily lives. Why is it that we often don’t feel the impact of this awe-insipring truth? We are distracted, too easily satisfied. So, what do we do about that?

Solution: Confess your complacency and ask for awe

When you sense your heart running towards the trappings of this world, confess your complacency.

When you are more excited about a book than the book, confess your complacency.

When you study scripture driven by dry duty alone, confess your complacency.

When you hear the good news, and you respond in a flat manner, confess your complacency.

When you are more fired up to talk about football than your savior, confess your complacency.

But don’t stop there. As you confess your complacency, ask for awe.

Pray for God to fill you with awe in response to the good news of who Jesus is and what he has done.

Find preachers, teachers, and authors who help spark awe in you, and go to those wells often.

Consider activities that fill you with awe in response to who God is and how he relates to you.

For me right now those things are: using my prayer journal, meals with faithful friends, fly-fishing and worship music. What are they for you?

If we want a closer walk with Jesus, we must confess our complacency and ask for awe. He longs to answers these prayers.

Jesus is better. Amen.

Author: Rev. Dave Kulp

Written by : uptownworship


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