At my elementary school growing up we had a carnival like day called ‘Fun Day’ that was held a week or two before school let out for the summer. At Fun Day there was this odd tradition of having a jail station in the middle of the field. The idea was that as a prank you could put, or be put in jail, by friends and then you would have to have someone bail you out by giving up some of your Fun Day tickets. When I was in first grade I got put in jail somehow and I remember sitting there looking for someone I knew that would bail me out. I saw a 5th grader, who I knew of, walk up to the jail and offer to pay my bail if I would give him the tickets. This 5th grader was one of the ‘cool’ fifth graders. He had green hair, listened to Green Day and I even heard rumors of him smoking in the boys bathroom. And yet here he was showing me compassion and offering to help me out of the predicament I was in. The only thing I had to do was meet him in the middle and give him some of the tickets that I had, it seemed to be a reasonable enough compromise. Even though bail was only 2 tickets he was asking me to give him 4 tickets, which I thought was odd, but remember I was only in 1st grade. So I agreed to give him the tickets and as soon as I handed the tickets to him through the black jail bars he called over one of his fifth grade friends and mocked me. He made fun of me in front of his friends for being so foolish as to give him tickets implying that I should have known he would trick me.

Our temptation to give in to the world’s ethics are similar to the choice I had to make at ‘Fun Day’, especially when it comes to the Biblical sexual ethic. We may feel trapped in Scripture’s view of sexuality and we see the world seeking pleasure and enjoying themselves, even prospering in all that they do. However, if we were to give in to the sexual temptations of the world we will inevitably regret our decision. We would see how destructive and harmful the sexual ethic of the world is. Jesus calls us to obedience and faithfulness. Contrary to the what the world says, we will find our greatest joy in obeying the Lord. Despite the temptation to compromise what Scripture calls us to, the Lord will reward our faithfulness. As we approach Sunday worship consider the ways in which we are tempted in our culture to compromise sexually and call upon the Lord in prayer to sustain you in obedience and faithfulness. 


Scripture: Revelation 2:18-29
Sermon: Embrace Biblical Sexuality


Holy, Holy, Holy (arr. Traditional)
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Arise My Soul, Arise (arr. Kevin Twit)
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Jesus I Come  (arr. Indelible Grace)
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Lord I Need You  (arr. Matt Maher)
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Song of Preparation:All I Have is Yours (arr. Sojourn Music)
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Song of Response:Who is On the Lord’s Side? (arr. Shane Martin)
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