The 1957 film ’12 Angry Men’ takes place in a room where a jury is deciding the sentence of an 18 year from the slums who has been convicted of murdering his father. As the jury begins to delegate over the trial almost everyone is in agreement that the boy is guilty. However, there is one who doubts his guilt. As the movie goes on it is apparent that the jury’s prejudices have interpreted the facts. It is clearly evident in a few individuals who consider anyone to come from the slums to be a murderer or a thief.  As the evidence from the trial becomes more shaky and unreliable, the tide begins to turn in the jury from holding the defendant guilty to considering him not guilty. These few individuals who cling to their prejudices clearly have a very black and white view of themselves and others. They consider themselves to be upstanding citizens and they look down on other classes of people thinking that they are inferior. 

This misunderstanding of themselves and others makes them treat something like justice flippantly. When we have a skewed view of ourselves we handle things in much the same way. In particular we become apathetic about the things of God. In the passage this week Jesus is writing a letter to the church in Laodicea. They have become apathetic as a church due in part to their misunderstanding about themselves. Jesus says that they consider themselves rich and without need not realizing that they are actually “wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.” Surely in the United States and in Charlotte we are tempted to think of ourselves in the same light. We have food and shelter and money saved. We forget that we are dependent upon the Lord for our every breath. We must work to remember our state in life and how we have been shown grace in tremendous amounts. You may think that to remember our poor and pitiable state would be depressing, but actually it is the opposite. When we realize just how much the Lord has shown us, not just materially, but more importantly spiritually we grow in grace and in love. This weekend consider how you have trusted in your status and how you may even have a wrong view of yourself and turn to the Lord in dependence and need and grace will abound. 


Scripture: Revelation 3:14-22
Sermon: Overcoming Our Apathy


Enough (arr. Chris Tomlin)
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Psalm 130 (From the Depths of Woe)
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Lead Us Back (Sojourn Music)
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Song of Preparation:Christ is Enough  (arr. Hillsong)
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Song of Response:Satisfied (arr. Karl Digerness)
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