“It was hard to remember in the heavy and sensual clarity of these mornings; I forgot whom I hated and who hated me. I wanted to break out crying from stabs of hopeless joy, or intolerable promise, or because these mornings were too full of beauty for me, because I knew of too much hate to be contained in a world like this.” – A Separate Peace

Beauty is powerful and can have such an effect on us. This quote from ‘A Separate Peace’ makes us recall a time or a place where we were so overwhelmed with beauty and joy. Can you think of a sight or a time where beauty was irresistible. Maybe it was a snowfall in the mountains or a night star gazing or maybe when you witnessed your child being born. Beauty is something that doesn’t make sense in a naturalistic and evolutionary view of the world. But what is interesting is how we as humans are tempted and do worship beauty in itself, so much so that people will claim that the created order is God and that God is the created order. This belief fails to distinguish God from his creation. It fails to acknowledge the glory, holiness and beauty of the one who created everything out of nothing. When we find beauty in creation we feel the weight of a glory that is so much bigger than us. It overpowers us and overwhelms us. What we often fail to realize is that the beauty that we see with our eyes is a mere reflection of God’s glory. As we take in God’s glory we can’t help but worship him. Consider this weekend the God that we worship, the one who made all things and is more beautiful and glorious than we will ever be able to comprehend. This is the God that we worship. 


Scripture: Revelation 4:1-11
Sermon: Worship Our Glorious God


All Creatures of Our God and King (arr. David Crowder)
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Holy Is the Lord (arr. Chris Tomlin)
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God of Wonders  (arr. Third Day)
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Holy, Holy, Holy (arr. Traditional)
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Song of Preparation: The Earth is Yours (arr. Gungor)
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Song of Response: Immortal Invisible (God Only Wise) (traditional)
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