When I was around 7 years old my family went on a summer vacation to Paris. At one meal we were eating near a famous fountain with rotating modern statues. A stranger was slowly walking around the edge of the fountain and was 50 feet away from our table. All of a sudden he turned his head towards us and started to stare. The problem was that he locked his eyes on me! At first it was startling and then it began to make me panic. There is this soul piercing feeling that comes when someone stares at us. This is why we tell children that it is not polite to stare. It is probably why our fear of public speaking is greater than our fear of death. The more we are familiar with people and trust them, the softer their stare becomes.  This gets at a universal truth that we deeply desire to be accepted before God, but we know that we are not acceptable on the basis of our own merit. 

So where does friendship fit in all of this. A friend is someone who sees our worst parts and loves us anyways. Christ is our friend in that he has loved us even though we were his enemies. We can rest knowing that Christ has in a sense ‘stared’ at us and yet accepts us on the basis of what he has done for us. This is healing and leads us into true friendships with others. The fear that comes from the gaze of others starts to lose its grip on our lives. We are not driven by the desire to be acceptable before others or to be validated by our works. We are driven by gratitude and love for our friend and savior Jesus Christ. 


Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:15-18
Sermon: Faithful Friendship, Faithful Savior


Brethren We Have Met To Worship (Traditional)
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What a Friend We Have In Jesus (arr. Traditional)
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Fellowship So Deep
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Song of Preparation:Oh How Good It Is (Gettys)
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Song for the Supper:Communion Hymn (arr. Hiram Ring)
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Song of Response:Blessed Be the Tie That Binds (arr. Shane Martin)
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