I have had the awkward exchange with friends of mine who have apologized to me for cussing or drinking too much because they found out I was a Christian. I heard a story about a pastor who was playing racquet ball at the local Y with some non-Christians that he had met and after months of these guys talking about some horrible things and using foul language all the time they found out that this guy was a pastor. They apologized for all that they had been talking about. He laughed as he told the story and he even made the remark that it was not him that you needed to worry about. Have ever experienced anything like this? Why do you think this is the reaction of some?

I believe that it comes from the sense that Christians are holier than non-Christians. This may be true to a certain extent, but this reaction from the non-Christian is a false understanding of holiness and the Christian life. However, it does point to a reality in the Christian. The reality is this that we live in the presence of a absolutely Holy God. Since the fall of mankind in the garden of Eden man has been unclean and unholy. This is why Christ came to die on the cross. He came to pay for the debt that we had incurred from our sin, but what is often left unsaid is that Christ came to save us unto holiness. We are called to be holy as God is holy. We inherently know this and yet we often live as if it is not true. 

It is the same reason why the non-Christian may feel uneasy in the presence of Christians because they know that we serve and worship a Holy God. Therefore they may be more aware of their unholiness in the presence of those who are followers of Christ. Of course as Christians we know the solution to their problem and hopefully we share that with them, but we need to be careful not to stop there because as Christians we are called to a lifelong pursuit of holiness. We should reflect on the reasons why God has saved us and in doing so think about the character and holiness of God. As Christians we are called God’s people and we are told that we belong to Him. Therefore we are called to grow more and more into the likeness of His Son. We can pray this weekend that as we approach Sunday we would get a clearer picture of the God that we worship and in repentance and faith we would grow in holiness. 


Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:20-22
Sermon: Set Apart For Holiness


Holy Is the Lord (arr. Chris Tomlin)
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Come Ye Sinners (arr. Indelible Grace)
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Kind and Merciful God  (arr. J.D. Goodwyne)
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Give Us Clean Hands
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Song of Preparation: Lord I Need You  (arr. Matt Maher)
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Song of Response:Oh How Good It Is (Gettys)
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Confession of Sin

L: God our Father, you are majestic in holiness, awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders. In you there is no shadow of turning.

P: But we are like birds who stray from our nests, forsaking the path of righteousness, each turning to our own way. Lord have mercy!

L: You, Lord, have made us into a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, commanding us to be holy for you are holy.

P: Lord, forgive us for profaning the holy name that you have given us. You are the Lord who sanctifies us and has crushed the curse of sin and death by the power of the blood of Christ.

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