As we begin our series on prayer, I have begun to wrestle more with this question: why is it so hard to pray? I think there are many reasons that we could give for this including having a hard heart, a lack of faith, or laziness. However, something that has stuck out to me is that I believe I am more useful when I am active then when I am in prayer. When you consider prayer, it seems from a worldly perspective to be a weak thing. You close your eyes and ask someone else to do something about a situation. What does the world do? The world would say get off your knees, open your eyes and take care of the situation yourself. Even though we may disagree with this sentiment surely we act this out. This is one reason we get so anxious. We falsely believe that there is more within our control than there actually is. We grow anxious as we begin to see how little control we actually do have. 

I think it is so hard to pray because we want to get things done ourselves rather than submitting ourselves to the Lord and His will. So I challenge you as we go through this series to ask yourself what may be the biggest doubts or issues that are keeping you back from a robust prayer life. You could even use the time before Sunday to pray about it. Pray also that God would give you a heart that deeply desires a strong prayer life. Be encouraged that prayer is a mighty way that God will work in your life despite the world saying that it is a weak thing. 


Scripture: James 5:14-18
Sermon: Why Pray? Prayer Changes Everything


O Come O Come Emmanuel
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Once in Royal David’s City  (arr. Traditional)
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You Said
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Sweet Hour of Prayer
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Song of Preparation: Your Love is Strong (arr. Jon Foreman)
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Song of Response: What a Friend We Have In Jesus (arr. Traditional)
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