We have all been on the phone with the cable Company. Or in line at the DMV. Or put on hold by the doctor’s office. What makes it worse is that sometimes it may be our umpteenth time calling about the same issue. We try to remain persistent in the midst of the frustration, but it appears as if the person on the other end does not care at all about our situation. In fact it even seems as if they may be thwarting our efforts instead of helping us. I know that we may feel this same way about our prayer lives. We pray and it appears as if we do not get what we have asked for. We try to remain persistent, but we begin to lose heart and it makes us wonder. Does God care about us? Is he concerned with our everyday needs? Does he care about our suffering and our pain?

The issue is not that God does not care, we can always go to the cross knowing that he cares deeply about us and about every little detail of our life. Does he not count the hairs on our head? Or clothe the sparrow and the flower in the field? So why do we still lose heart in being persistent in prayer. What the Lord may be doing in calling us to persistence in prayer is to grow us in patience and trust. Have you prayed for the salvation of a loved one and it seems as if nothing is happening in that person’s life? Maybe things are even getting worse. The Lord is calling you to persistence in prayer. He is not a vending machine which spits out what we want when we put quarters into it. There is more going on in prayer than just getting what we want or even need. He is growing us through prayer. He is trying our patience and our trust of him in order for us to grow. He does this because he loves us. Our text this week is the persistent widow before the wicked judge. She is an example to us to remain persistent in prayer. Consider your prayer life as you approach Sunday morning and think about what the Lord may be teaching you through your joys in prayer or your struggles. Pray that the Lord would even clarify what it is that he may be teaching you. 


Scripture: Luke 18:1-8
Sermon: When to Pray? Always!


O Come All Ye Faithful
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Angels We Have Heard On High
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While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks  (arr. Andrew Peterson)
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You Said
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Song of Preparation: Lord, Hear My Prayer  (arr. New Parish Psalms)
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Song of Response: Lord I Need You  (arr. Matt Maher)
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