How are structures and limits related to freedom? We may view them as opposites, especially in our time. It is said that if you are limited than you are not free. If you are contained within a structure than your freedom is hindered. The only thing to do if you truly seek freedom is to shake off the structures and limits that hold you back. These are the thoughts of our time and it pervades marriage and responsibilities among other things. The belief is that freedom is what is most important therefore avoid limits and structures in life. I want to propose an opposing view. I believe that it is actually through structures and limits that we find freedom. I will give two examples. The first is of a musician. Imagine a pianist who spends hours a day practicing. Within her practice she sets a structure that needs to be followed. Eventually within these limits she has put upon herself in time and energy along with structures that are followed within practice she will truly experience freedom in her ability to play the piano. It is only because of the limits and structures that she is able to experience freedom of expression through a musical instrument. My next example is one of options. Imagine a wall full of toothpaste options. They are all the same price and there are over 50 options. Is it more freeing to choose between two options of toothpaste or 50? 

You may ask what this has to do with prayer? We can find ourselves in prayer without structure and limits and feel constrained by the limitlessness of things that need our prayers. We our called to thank God in prayer, pray for non-Christians, confess our sin, and the list goes on. Our Lord has put forth a form of prayer in the Lord’s Prayer of Matthew 6:9-13. I believe that through this structure we can find true freedom in our prayer lives to praise God for who he is and to ask for the things that we truly need. Look at the passage this weekend and consider its structure and how it applies to your life.


Scripture: Matthew 6:5-13
Sermon: How To Pray? KISS.


Joy To the World
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Angels From The Realms Of Glory
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O Holy Night  (arr. [arranger])
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Song of Preparation: Lord’s Prayer  (arr. Malotte)
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Song for the Supper: O Depth Of Love Divine  (arr. Jered McKenna)
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Song of Response: Let Your Kingdom Come (arr. Bob Kauflin)
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