This Sunday’s liturgy reflects both the sermon text and the occasion of Palm Sunday. Consider the significance of this event in light of John Stott’s commentary found in “Through the Bible, Through the Year.”  This Sunday, let us come to the sermon text thinking upon Christ’s journey to the cross, where he finds us in our sin and allows us to find the beauty of his kingdom. 


“Having passed through the villages of Bethany and Bethphage, the cavalcade rounded the brow of the Mount of Olives, and suddenly Jerusalem came into view, with its glittering pinnacles and the spacious courts of the temple. Here, it seems, as the shouts of the crowd died down, to everybody’s astonishment and embarrassment Jesus burst into tears. Through his sobs he uttered a prophetic lament over the city, predicting its destruction because it did not recognize the time of God’s visitation.

It is surely remarkable that, at the very moment when Jesus warned the city of judgement, he was weeping over it in love. Divine judgement (which is the main theme throughout Holy Week) is a solemn, awesome reality.  But the God who judges is the God who weeps. He is not willing that any should perish. And when in the end his judgment falls on anybody (as Jesus said it will), God’s eyes will be full of tears.”


Scripture: Luke 15:1-32
Sermon: Party Time: The Joy of Finding


Song of Ascent: Hosanna to the Son of David (arr. J.D. Goodwyne)
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* This first song is a “Song of Ascent’” modeled after the “Psalms of Ascents” (Ps. 120-134). These are songs the Israelites would sing as they journey to the Temple in Jerusalem to worship. For us, rather than a “prelude” which often gets talked over, a Song of Ascent is a corporate, preparatory act of worship. The text and music are simple, and easily memorizable. Use the links above to learn the music to this Palm Sunday text, and come early for worship to participate in this song.

Hosanna Loud Hosanna (arr. Traditional)
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I Love to Tell The Story (arr. Bruce Benedict)
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How Deep the Father’s Love For Us (arr. Stuart Townend)
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Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (arr. Chris Tomlin)
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Song of Preparation: New Wonders  (arr. Sandra McCracken)
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Song of Response: Let Your Kingdom Come (arr. Bob Kauflin)
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1. How does Luke 15 portray the Christian task of evangelism? Does your own evangelistic life mirror the attitude found in this passage? How might this inform the way you think about sharing the Gospel?

2. Remembrance is an important practice in the Christian life. Thinking back on your own conversion, what changes have you seen in your current life and your life before knowing Christ? Who is an unbelieving friend or family member with whom you can share the way God has worked in your life? How might your story connect with their current situtation?

3. Who are the major characters in the Parable of the Prodigal Son? How does each approach forgiveness and righteousness? Which traits of the characters do you see in your own life? How might this passage inform the way you approach forgiveness and righteousness?

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