My wife and I moved to Charlotte three weeks ago from Chapel Hill, where we were wed in late April. What better way to ease into marriage than to quit our jobs, completely uproot ourselves, and start graduate school? Needless to say, it was certainly providential that our second Sunday at Uptown corresponded with the beginning of a sermon series exploring the emotional life of a Christian.

This week, we will consider how a Christian handles emotions differently than others. A quick flip through the television or visit to a social media outlet provides a multitude of varied, and often contradictory, opinions on one’s emotional life. As Christians, where do we go to process our emotions? To whom do we look for guidance and counsel?  Where do we point our distressed relatives, friends, and co-workers? How does Scripture address this topic?


Scripture: Psalm 42 – Psalm 43

Sermon: “The Refuge for Weary Souls”


On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand
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Isaiah 43
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Before the Throne of God Above
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Offering: Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul
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Song of Response: I Will Praise Him Still
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