I came across a video the other day on youtube that showed a man in a grocery store buying groceries for strangers. While people were in line paying for their bills he would sneak up without them noticing and put down the cash to pay for the person’s groceries and then sneak away just as fast. The camera would catch the ensuing expressions on the shopper’s faces. They ranged from smiles to weeping. It was moving to watch, especially when a shopper was moved to tears. In watching the video I assumed those who were so moved probably had the least amount of money therefore deepening the gratitude they had for the mystery man who paid for their groceries. 

We are much like these shoppers at the grocery store wether we realize it or not. We are all in one way or another attempting to buy our way to heaven. However, not only are we poor, but we are in an incredible amount of debt. We do not have the means within ourselves to pay this debt. On the cross Christ pays the debt for us by taking the wrath of God upon himself. Not only does he do that for us, but he also gives us the righteousness which he earned. He did this for those who trust in him through faith. He did this 2,000 years ago.

Much like the mysterious man paying for groceries Christ came and paid our debt in many ways without us knowing about it. Now as we who are in Christ, we see who it was that came and showed his mercy in rescuing us from the pangs of hell. The more we realize the incredible debt which we owed to God the more precious the gift of his son becomes to us. One way that we can deepen our faith and gratitude this weekend is by meditating on the amazing nature of God’s mercy and grace in the cross of Christ. 


Scripture: Revelation 5:1-14
Sermon: The Mercy of Heaven: Worthy Is The Lamb


Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (David Crowder)
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Psalm 130 (From the Depths of Woe)
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Thy Mercy
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Song of Preparation: Only Hope  (arr. [arranger])
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Song for the Supper: There is a Fountain Filled With Blood (arr. Digerness)
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Song of Response: My Jesus I Love Thee
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