When my wife and I lived in Memphis we used to babysit and housesit for a family that we loved. They had four kids and they were all fun and rambunctious. At times it could get a little crazy. Whenever it did and the parents were there, Meghan and I would just stand there a little stunned at all the craziness. The mom picking up on our observant and frightened looks would say “I know you’re judging us for our parenting, but you just wait until you’re a parent.” She was right Meghan and I would talk about how we were going to parent. We were quick to pass judgment because we saw ourselves as being better parents in the future when really we had no reason to believe this. 

When we pass judgment on others we stand from a position over them thinking ourselves to be superior. We set up ourselves as a standard which everyone else must adhere to. The problem is that we are imperfect people and unqualified to be the standard to which we judge others. The reason for this is because we are sinners and rightly deserving judgment for our imperfection. 

We know as Christians that Jesus is coming again to judge the world and he is rightly qualified to do this because he is perfect and sinless. Instead of setting ourselves up as the standard we must bring ourselves down in humility knowing Christ to be the true judge. We need to come to him begging for mercy and we know that through faith we are shown the mercy of God. This completely changes our posture towards others. Instead of standing tall and looking down our noses at others we fall to our knees and beg others to do the same so that the Lord will show them mercy as well. When we rightly experience the mercy of God then we too become merciful. This is the Lord’s will for our lives. 


Scripture: Matthew 25:31:46
Sermon: The Final Judgment


Come Thou Fount (Traditional)
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Sing to the King (arr. Billy Foote)
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O Love Incomprehensible (arr. Indelible Grace)
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All Things New (arr. Red Mountain Music)
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Song of Preparation: Lo He Comes  (arr. Indelible Grace)
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Song of Response: Before the Throne of God Above (arr. Sovereign Grace Worship)
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