I imagine that hell is one of the top two or three subjects that Christians do not want to talk about. This may be due to many factors. It could be that we are afraid of what others are going to think of us. If we tell them the ‘bad news’ that without Christ they deserve eternal damnation then we may be mocked or hated. It may be that we are comfortable in our relationships with others and telling our friends that don’t know Christ about hell will only rock the boat. We could potentially lose friends or sever relationships that we don’t want to lose. However, this only goes to show that we care more about ourselves and our comforts than our fellow man. Our hesitance could also reveal a deep-seated hole in our theology. We may believe that hell doesn’t even exist and that God is really going to save all people because only a mean God could give some eternal life and others eternal hell.

The reality is that there is a hell and without faith in Christ we stand before God condemned. Not only is the gospel good news for us who have received Christ but it is good news for all who will repent and put their faith in Christ. As we focus on the reality of hell this week it is a chance for us to repent of our neglect of the doctrine of hell. It is also an opportunity for us to realize the power of talking about hell with our friends and neighbors. Not only is it necessary to first tell people of the bad news before we can share the good news and, but the doctrine of hell, when we truly reflect on the nature of it, will begin to move our hearts in the direction of our neighbors and the eternal state of their souls. There is no doubt that hell is a very heavy doctrine and it can be hard to reflect on it, but so is the nature of our salvation and it is just as amazing to reflect on how Christ has saved us from the grips of hell. Let us not fear speaking about hell, but with a teachable and humble heart let us seek to share Christ with others knowing the eternal ramifications of those who put their faith in Christ. 


Scripture: Revelation 14:9-11
Sermon: God In The Hands Of Angry Sinners


Holy Is the Lord (arr. Chris Tomlin)
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Lion of Judah (arr. Robin Mark)
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The Power of the Cross (arr. Getty Music)
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Song of Preparation: Rescue the Perishing  (arr. Amanda Noel)
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Song of Response: How Deep the Father’s Love For Us
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Confession of Faith

Q.40:  Why was it necessary for Christ to humble himself even “unto death”?

Q.44:  Why is there added, “he descended into hell”?


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