As Christians we have all fallen in love one way or another with Jesus. We have found him beautiful, majestic and wonderful. I am not saying that we always find him this way and in those times we may wonder where he has gone. We may wonder why he no longer takes such primacy in our hearts as he used to. The text this week addresses this problem. In Revelation 2 verse 4 Jesus says that he sees that the church in Ephesus has abandoned the love that they first had. Likewise we have forsaken our first love when we take Jesus for granted and do not hold him up as our first love.

I know that everyone who reads this is not married, but I see marriage as one of the clearest examples of how this happens. Even when I was single I heard of stories of married couples or saw couples who were so in love at first and then somehow drifted apart. I believe the real issue is deciding what the source of the problem is. Mostly people will say “we drifted apart” or “we fell out of love” or even “its not you its me.” However, the real problem is that our hearts are wandering hearts. We search for that which will fulfill us and we may often think we have found it in all kinds of things, but inevitably we realize it wont fulfill us and so we search again and “we drift apart.”

As Christians we know that our ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction is found in Christ alone and yet because sin remains we are ‘prone to wander.’ So what do you do in relationship with Christ to return to him and place him again as first in your hearts? You repent. Turn from the things with which you have replaced Christ and seek Christ in forgiveness and faith with full assurance that he accepts you as you are. Martin Luther wrote in his 95 theses that ‘the entire life of believers should be one of repentance.’ Therefore as much as we wander we are called to repent and repentance is a beautiful thing because in it we are returning to the love of our hearts and the only person who will truly fulfill us.


Scripture: Revelation 2:1-7
Sermon: There is No Autopilot for the Christian Life


Enough (arr. Chris Tomlin)
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Come Thou Fount (Traditional)
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The Heart of Worship  (arr. Matt Redman)
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Song of Preparation: More Love to Thee O Christ (arr. Indelible Grace)
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Song for the SupperMy Jesus I Love Thee
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Song of Response: Give Me Jesus (arr. Fernando Ortega)
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