Why is is that we fail to listen to our parents? I struggle to admit it, but my parents were right about so much as I grew up and yet I consistently failed to heed their advice. I can guarantee you I would be better off in many ways if I had only listened to them. I can think of a few reasons why children don’t always listen to their parents. These come directly from my own experience. One simple reason is that children literally do not hear what their parents are saying. In families there is no doubt a lot of communication between the parents and children. Children can begin to tune out the parents because they think that what they say is not important.

Another reason why children may not listen to their parents is because they do not see the advice their parents are giving them as actual wisdom. They often think that their own reasoning and thinking is of more value, so they easily discard what their parents have told them. When children make mistakes they conveniently forget that their parents had previously given them sound advice. The failure of children to acknowledge their parents as wiser than themselves is inherently prideful and foolish. 

As you read this you may be thinking “That is so right, if only my children could read this and understand what it means to be an obedient child.” However, is this not how we act as children of all ages to our Father in heaven? You may be heavily involved in church, listen to sermons throughout the week and even read your Bible every day, yet fail to listen to God when He is speaking to you. You may actually have a heavy dose of God’s Word and it not come to bear on your life. Can we not also often believe that we know better than God? This is what doomed Adam and Eve in the garden. Not only did they ignore God’s Word, but they went against it thinking they knew best. Nothing is more important for your life than the Word of the Lord. As we come to worship this Sunday be mindful and pray that God would open your ears to hear His Word so that you can more fully obey and worship Him. 


Scripture: 1 Samuel 3:1-26
Sermon: Listen and Live


Oh For a Thousand Songs To Sing (arr. David Crowder)
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Father of Mercies, In Thy Word (arr. Traditional)
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Speak O Lord (arr. Getty Music)
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Song of Preparation:Every Ditch, Every Valley (arr. Ordinary Time)
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Song for the Supper: Break Thou The Bread of Life
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Song of Response: O Word of God Incarnate (arr. Bobby Guy)
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