Cry of the Prophet Jeremiah On the Ruins of Jerusalem - Ilya Repin (1870)

Cry of the Prophet Jeremiah On the Ruins of Jerusalem – Ilya Repin (1870)

 We continue this week in the book of Jeremiah. Last week, Rev. Tyler Dirks painted a picture from Jeremiah of a covenant people in passionate pursuit of idolatry. This grieves the heart of the Lord, and because of his unfailing love, he will discipline and correct his own when they wander. God’s command is clear, and for our good, and that is, repent. Turn from sin and worthless idols. We may think we can gloss over our disobedience or sweep it under the rug. But God knows it is an acid eating away beneath the surface, and the only way to be clean is to come to the throne of grace, confess and admit our guilt, and repent. So the call for us this week is this: “Come ye sinners, poor and wretched, weak and wounded, sick and sore; Jesus ready stands to save you, full of pity joined with power.”


Scripture: Jeremiah 3:6-4:31

Sermon: “It Never Gets Better Until You Repent”


Come Ye Sinners (arr. Matthew Smith)[bandcamp track=3508703207 bgcol=F7F3EE linkcol=4285BB size=venti] listen | chords | lyrics/info | purchase

Kind and Merciful God
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listen | chords | lyrics/info | purchase

OfferingWhite As Snow

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Song for the Supper: I Thirst Thou Wounded Lamb of God[bandcamp track=3248555681 bgcol=F7F3EE linkcol=4285BB size=venti] listen | chords | lyrics/info | purchase

Song of Response: God Be Merciful to Me[bandcamp track=4073696194 bgcol=F7F3EE linkcol=4285BB size=venti] listen | chords | lyrics/info | purchase


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