What if? Have we not all thought about the possibilities that we left on the table. Have we not considered what would have been if it wasn’t for our mistakes. What would have happened if we somehow had avoided this terrible thing or if this person had not done this to us. I know we are not all like this, but for someone who has a serious case of nostalgia I tend to dwell on the past. I can ponder the various scenarios and circumstances that could have turned out differently. Now as a Christian I can’t help but wrestle with my own choices, persecution from others and the sovereign purposed of God. 

When we suffer at the hands of another we think to ourselves where is God. It is probably not severe persecution, but it may be a hard working relationship with your boss or disdain from your neighbors. In these times we have to keep our faith in God and his promises that all things work out for the good of those who love him. What an amazing truth to hold close to our heart and walk through life with. 

However, to many of us this may seem like an abstract concept that does not gain friction in the day to day struggles of our lives. This is where we look to our redeemer who has come and will come again to redeem his creation and his children. The worst suffering and persecution in the world does not compare to what Christ went through on the cross for us. The worst thing that ever happened in God’s creation, his son being crucified on a cross, is the best thing that ever happened in God’s creation. Once you understand your suffering in light of this everything changes. Under the glorious heat of the cross your suffering melts away and is redeemed for God’s glory and your good. I know that suffering and the baggage we carry in life is so much more complex than a ‘look at Jesus’ answer, but fundamentally when our hearts grasp the colossal nature of Jesus on the cross we are transformed!


Scripture: 1 Samuel 29:1-11
Sermon: Trusting God’s Providence


A Debtor to Mercy Alone  (Indelible Grace)
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God Moves In A Mysterious Way (arr. Jeremy Casella)
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Mighty to Save (arr. Hillsong)
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Song of Preparation: God Will Take Care of You
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Song of Response: This is My Father’s World
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