We all deal with failure in different ways. When we fail we can pull up our ‘boot-straps’ and try better next time in some form of self-dependency. We can also spiral downward after we fail with negative self-talk. We may tell ourselves that we are worthless. Regardless of how you respond if we do not walk through trials and subsequent failures with God then we will begin to shape ourselves into our idols. 

Meghan and I have recently been on a binge of watching a PBS series called American Masters. It is a documentary series that chronicles the lives of men such as Thomas Edison or Henry Ford. We usually think of men like this as being iconic heroes of our country and no doubt they did many great things. However, while watching these shows something began to stick out about them and it was how they responded to failure. At the heart of their successes were how they responded to failure. It was this great fear that lay at the recesses of their hearts that drove them so forcefully. They were afraid that they would not be great. Therefore when they failed they were driven to make a name for themselves. This inevitably came at the expense of their family and friends. Their ambition for greatness drove them so powerfully that it molded them into the idols they worshiped. 

God calls us to respond to the trials and failures in our life by walking with him through them. We look to Christ and we see that he walked in dependence and humility to his death. Fear is a powerful motivator and it shapes us. As you come to worship this Sunday think about the things you fear most and consider what it would look like instead to fear God above all else, driving you to walk humbly with him through your hardest trials. 


Scripture: 1 Samuel 30:1-31
Sermon: Kingly Character is Forged By Trial


You Never Let Go (Matt Redman)
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Who is On the Lord’s Side? (arr. Shane Martin)
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Jesus Savior Pilot Me
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Song of Preparation: When Trials Come (arr. Keith & Kristyn Getty)
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Song for the Supper: O Depth Of Love Divine  (arr. [arranger])
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Song of Response:All Must Be Well (arr. Matthew Smith)
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As we approach the table this week I have included a blog post from Charles Stanley regarding the Lord’s Supper so that we con reflect on exactly what we are doing when we partake:


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