Meghan and I have recently borrowed the star wars trilogy from my parents (the original trilogy of Star Wars IV, V and VI). This may be disappointing to those true Star Wars fans out there, but I don’t think I have watched through the whole trilogy since I was a little kid. I forget how much the rebel forces were on the run. They were constantly having to move and relocate planets and change plans. They were constantly hiding from the enemy. Each time they seemed to have a safe area they would soon be found out and have to go on the run again. The dark side in Star Wars is too strong and too powerful to escape.

As the church in a hostile world we are often pursued irrationally by the world. We can attempt to hide as a church in all kinds of safe havens that we think will provide a place to hide from the enemy. However oftentimes these seemingly safe places turn out to not give us much protection at all. We may turn to our culture as a safe haven and attempt to blend in as if we were part of the world. However this can end up changing the very fundamentals of the church. We can also set up walls against the world in which we condemn the world and act as its judge, but this only serves to separate us from what Jesus has called us to do in making disciples of all the nations. 

The only truly safe place to hide is in Christ. Jesus has promised us that he will not forsake us or leave us. He is always with us regardless of how we feel. He is also in control of all things. He works out all things for his glory and for the good of believers. Knowing and believing these truths we can rest in him with our lives. We can trust him in the midst of our trials, sufferings and persecutions. This weekend seek him in prayer and in his Word. 


Scripture: 1 Samuel 22:6-23
Sermon: Refuge From Irrational Hatred


Come Thou Fount (Traditional)
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Our God, Our Help in Ages Past (arr. Traditional)
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Depth of Mercy (arr. Red Mountain Music)
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Rock of Ages (arr. Augustus Toplady)
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Song of Preparation: Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul
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Song of Response: Jesus, Lover of My Soul
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