One of the biggest things happening in Europe right now is the massive movement of refugees across the continent from countries in the middle east, primarily Syria. You hear of stories from the news where refugees have gone to extremes in attempting to get into the wealthier and more established countries of Europe. People have drowned in attempting to cross dangerous waters in an overloaded boat. Others have been arrested and split up from their families during the journey. We ask ourselves ‘Why are these refugees going to such extreme lengths to get into European countries?’  I believe that it is based on a simple guiding principle in these refugee’s lives. The refugees have realized that the place in which they are coming from no longer offers them life, but death. Their home countries are places of unrest, destruction and hopelessness. The stable European countries offer them not only hope, but stability, work and peace. They are going towards something which promises life and they are escaping something which only offers death. 

As Christians are we also not refugees on this earth. We know that this world can not give us life. It is only in Christ which we will find life. We find him in his Word. However, often our lives do not reflect this truth. Unlike the war torn areas in which these refugees are fleeing the world masquerades before us as a place in which we can find peace, comfort and life. The Bible tells us that this is not true and that the only place to truly and ultimately find satisfaction and everlasting life is in the pages of Scripture. We can learn a valuable lesson from the refugee crisis in Europe and the middle east. Refugees have come to realize that their homes are no longer safe and they have now found themselves to be refugees on this earth and are on a journey towards a better place. So are we in this predicament. We must realize that the world is not our friend, but our enemy. Just as the refugees have gone to extreme lengths to seek out new life, so must we be dedicated to finding life in Christ alone. Reflect this weekend on the ways in which you can forsake the idols of this life and turn to the Word of God to truly be satisfied and find life. 


Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:14-17
Sermon: Faithful to the Word of Life


We Delight (arr. Caedmon’s Call)
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How Firm a Foundation
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Father of Mercies, In Thy Word (arr. Traditional)
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Speak O Lord (arr. Getty Music)
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Song of Preparation: Word of God  (arr. Brenton Brown)
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Song of Response: Word of God  (arr. Brenton Brown)
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