“Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” ~ John Piper

“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!”  ~ Abraham Kuyper

“Why is it that some Christians cross land and sea, continents and cultures, as missionaries? What on earth impels them? It is not in order to commend a civilization, an institution or an ideology, but rather a person, Jesus Christ, whom they believe to be unique. ” ~ John R.W. Stott

I believe that our society is enraptured with movies for more reasons than pure entertainment. I am sure many who go to the movies go only for mindless entertainment, why else would you see  ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’. However, the movies that seem to do best in the box office and are the ones remembered have a common theme to them. The story will sometimes begin with a pleasant place that falls into ruin. This ruin is so intrusive and invasive that it is all consuming. The situation becomes hopeless that it would ever turn around and return to the place it once was. Sometimes the story begins in the midst of this ruin not allowing the audience to see what the place was once like. Finally in what seems to be impossible circumstances a savior or deliverer rises up and returns the place or the people to the peace, joy or happiness they once enjoyed. The list of movies with some kind of variation of this theme is endless: the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Start Wars trilogy, Lion King, almost all of the Marvel movies, etc. 

These stories resonate so deeply with people because it is the story of the world. The best stories are those that hit on the themes of redemptive history of a good creation, fall and redemption. We find ourselves in that story today. We are living in the ‘last times’ waiting on our Lord to come again and make all things new. Unbelievers hear a story like the ones portrayed in those movies and their hearts leap when the king returns or when the superhero comes to save the day. We know that there is a real king who reigns from heaven and is furthering his kingdom. His kingdom is a good and righteous kingdom the way He created it. It is easy to find ourselves downcast and fearful as we look at the world around us. There is a virus outbreak spreading rapidly and taking the lives of many, the restraint on sin is loosening in America and it seems that the politicians and lawmakers are behind it. We can focus on these issues and believe that darkness is winning and that we are without hope. We know though that Christ will return and that He has already won and there is nothing that will dethrone Him.

This weekend is the missions conference so we are privileged to hear just how Christ’s kingdom is gaining ground in the world. We will hear from those who are on the front lines of the war. Even though we are taking a break from our series on worship really this weekend will guide us to worship God even more in seeing how He is at work. It is easy to be dismayed as we see the world and society around us devastated by sin and witness the effects of living in a fallen world therefore let us take the opportunity this weekend and on sunday to worship God as we hear about His kingdom growing in this world as we await His final return. 


Scripture: Psalm 90:12
Sermon: Are Your Days Numbered?


Let Everything That Has Breath (arr. Matt Redman)
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Jesus I Come  (arr. Indelible Grace)
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Speak O Lord (arr. Getty Music)
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Song of Preparation: Hear the Call of the Kingdom (arr. Getty Music)
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Song for the Supper: At the Table  (arr. Ordinary Time)
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Song of Response: Let Your Kingdom Come (arr. Bob Kauflin)
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