The image of a wolf in sheep’s clothing is a stark image. The main enemy of a sheep is the wolf. He comes to pick off sheep and eat them. The wolf who wears the veneer of a sheep is a perfect picture of an enemy walking in the midst of those he seeks to attack. The sheep are unaware that they are walking around with one who appears to be among them, but has intentions of destroying them. Jesus uses this image of a wolf in sheep’s clothing to describe false teachers in the midst of the church. We could potentially think of the wolf as this cartoonish figure where violence and destruction are mimicked for our entertainment, but Jesus gives us this image to warn us about the seriousness of false teachers.

False teachers are not always so obvious to pick out from the crowd. Just as the wolf disguises himself as part of the flock so can the false teacher disguise himself. Just as the wolf has intentions of destroying or picking off the sheep so does the false teacher have similar malicious intentions. The wolf’s intent for physical harm is a graphic picture for us to see how the false teacher’s teaching will lead us down the destructive path of ungodliness. The wolf attempts to lead a sheep out of the sight of the shepherd’s protection and so does the false teacher. Therefore we are called to be ready to confront these false teachers and be on the lookout for them. They will be known by their fruit. One way we can be on the lookout is by looking at their character instead of their talents. It is human nature to want to follow those who impress us, it is much harder to distinguish a person’s character. The talents of a person are gifts bestowed upon them by God, but their character is the fruit of God working in them. Jesus tells us that we will know them by their fruit and to be weary of those who bear bad fruit because that tree is diseased. We they will therefore lead those who follow them down a path of destruction. Let us approach worship this Sunday with a teachable heart of submission and zeal for the Lord. 


Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:14-19
Sermon: Oppose False Teachers With Truth and Godliness


A Mighty Fortress is Our God (arr. Traditional)
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Every Ditch, Every Valley (arr. Ordinary Time)
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O Word of God Incarnate (arr. Bobby Guy)
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Jesus With Thy Church Abide  (Indelible Grace)
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Song of Preparation:In the Hours  (arr. Indelible Grace)
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Song of Response:The Church’s One Foundation (arr. Indelible Grace)
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