It is hard to tell when some people are having a bad day.  This was the not the case for one of my college roommates.  For him, there was one solution to a bad test grade, awkward date, or flat-tire in the middle of the highway: the final scene of Rudy. No matter how many times he watched it, the pay-off was always the same.  He would get up off the couch, ready to face anything. 

There is something particularly satisfying about watching a movie in which you know what the ending is going to be like.  You watch the whole in light of what happens.  You want to tell Rudy, “It’s ok that you didn’t get into Notre Dame! Don’t worry about being small! You haven’t seen the end yet!”  And finally, when the climax comes and the hero wins, you feel that wave of resolution that draws you back time and time again. 

The stories that these movies tell are great for a time, but you eventually come back to the real world and realize that they are about other people, in other places, during other times.  As engrossing and existentially satisfying as the final scene of Rudy is, it leaves you lacking and having to rewatch it to regain that feeling.

In the Bible, we are given the story of humanity and are told the way it will end. This Sunday, we will look at 2nd Peter 2:19-21, which speaks of Christ returning and perfectly ruling his kingdom upon earth as it is heaven. For the Christian, this is our lasting source of all hope, comfort, and resolution: King Jesus is returning for his bride, the Church.  Since Christ’s return is the point to which all human history is leading, let us live our lives in light of this hope and constantly remind ourselves of the truth of our coming King.


Scripture: 2nd Peter 2:19-21
Sermon: “Christ’s Return: Count On It”


Sing to the King
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Psalm 130 (From the Depths of Woe) (arr. Indelible Grace)
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All Must Be Well (arr. Matthew Smith)
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All Things New (arr. Red Mountain Music)
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Offering: We Delight (arr. Caedmon’s Call)

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Song of Response:  Lo He Comes  (arr. Indelible Grace)
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Confession of Faith:

Westminster Larger Catechism

Q.90. What shall be done to the righteous at the day of judgement?

A.  At the day of judgment, the righteous, being caught up to Christ in the clouds, shall be set on his right hand, and there openly acknowledged and acquitted, shall join with him in the judging of reprobate angels and men, and shall be received into heaven, where they shall be fully and forever freed from all sin and misery; filled with inconceivable joys, made perfectly holy and happy both in body and soul, in the company of innumerable saints and holy angels, but especially in the immediate vision and fruition of God the Father, of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit, to all eternity. And this is the perfect and full communion which the members of the invisible church shall enjoy with Christ in glory, at the resurrection and day of judgment.

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