How do I talk to my kids about sex? How do I safe guard phones, laptops and i-pads? How do I keep up with the technology? Aren’t there secret apps and hidden ways to text?

These were just a few of the questions parents were asking as they entered our two-day parenting seminar a few weeks ago led by Dan Martin. Dan works for Pure Hope, an organization dedicated to equipping parents to shepherd their kids in the area of sexual purity. It is natural to just want the check-list of how to lockdown our homes to safe guard our kids. This seminar helps parents understand the need to equip our children to rightly and age appropriately engage a sexualized culture rather than simply throwing up the safety nets and wishing it will all work out.  In four separate sessions, Dan equipped parents with a biblical view of purity, proper responses when our kids are exposed, helpful resources as well as best practices. All of which were centered on the truth of the gospel and Jesus’ role in making us pure. So many of us see purity as a temporary accomplishment (ie. Staying pure until the wedding night) rather then what it actually is, a lifelong pursuit of Jesus. The one who makes us pure.

If you have children, thinking about having children, have grandchildren or know someone with children I encourage you to click here and listen to the seminar on our resource page. In addition, there is an e-book based on the same material and published by Pure Hope that can be found here.

Author: Rev. Wes Andrews

Written by : uptownworship


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