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Each of us has an innate sense of justice. Deep down, we all believe that a person should be repaid based on what he or she does and how he or she treats other people. If you do a job and do it well, you should get money to support yourself (and your family). If you steal, you should be put in prison. If you speed, you should get a ticket. If you think that you don’t believe that people should be repaid for their actions, just wait until someone does something bad to you. Immediately, everything in you cries out for justice with the thought that “They should pay for that.”

Most of the time when we get angry, it’s because our sense of justice is flaring up (even when you’re mad because you’re not getting what you want, typically you’re angry because you’ve convinced yourself that the desire is a right). Because we’re sinful people, our sense of justice is twisted, and we let it lead us to respond sinfully. This is one of the reasons why the doctrine of God’s justice matters so much, and not just in an ultimate sense but also in the here and now. If God is just and will see that everyone gets what they deserve, then justice is no longer in your hands. When we remove God from the seat of judgment, we inevitably set ourselves up as judges, and the most common way that we distribute “justice” is by making others pay for the ways that they harm us. But God’s justice is so much better than ours. Not only is God’s justice actually justice (not just vindictive self-righteousness), but God’s justice is full of grace. If you are a believer putting your trust in Christ, then you will not receive the just punishment for what you do, because Christ has already paid that for you. Instead, you will receive the just reward for Christ’s righteous life.

So when you’re tempted to get angry, remember that YOU ARE NOT GOD. This means that you should not trust your sense of justice, because only God is perfectly just. This also means that it is not in your hands to deal out justice. Remember that God will justly judge all people at the end of time, and because of this, extend to others the same grace that God has extended to you.


Scripture: Deuteronomy 16:18-17:20
Sermon: Authority Done Right


Sing to the King (Billy Foote)
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Hail To the Lord’s Anointed (Sandra McCracken)
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All Glory, Laud and Honor (Redeemer Knoxville)
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Song of Preparation: Justice Will Roll Down  (Sandra McCracken)
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Song for the Supper: The Feast (Karl Digerness)
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Song of Response: Crown Him With Many Crowns (Traditional)
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