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One of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons was Pinky & The Brain. It was the animated adventures of two lab mice. The affects of all the experiments run on them made The Brain a super genius mouse, and Pinky was a silly and not very smart mouse. Every episode would begin with Pinky asking The Brain, “Gee Brain, what do you want to do today?” and Brain would reply, “The same thing we do every day Pinky, try to take over the world!!” It was a silly show, but they would always get so close to escaping just to have their plan be foiled and put back in their box.

On Easter Sunday I often feel like Pinky. I ask, “Gee Church, what do you want to do this Sunday?” and the response is “The same thing we do every Lord’s Day, worship our Risen Savior Jesus Christ!!” We worship Jesus and celebrate the resurrection every Sunday. The Church has historically met on Sundays because that is when Jesus rose from the grave. Every time we gather together, we can celebrate the good news of the Gospel. That Jesus died on Friday, but He rose on Sunday. And even after a couple of millennia, it is still worth celebrating! Easter weekend is the pivoting point of all human history. We have been going through the book of Hebrews, hearing about how Christ is Superior Over All. Christ is superior over all because He is the Son of God who took on flesh to die on the cross to pay for our sins and be resurrected into life and ascend to the heavenly throne! This is worth celebrating! We get to join in with other churches around the world to boldly proclaim that “He is not here! He is Risen!” Hopefully we do this every Sunday, but we can make an extra bold exclamation this Sunday.

We hope you join us this Easter Sunday to worship our risen Savior. Invite your friends and neighbors to come and hear the good news. We celebrate every week, but they may be more open to coming this week in particular. This is a final invitation/reminder that there is a Good Friday Service at noon today (April 19). We hope you join us!


Scripture: Matthew 28:1-15
Sermon: Easter: The Death of Fear


Christ the Lord is Risen Today (NCC Worship)
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 Christ is Risen (Matt Maher)
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O Praise the Name (Anastasis) (Hillsong)
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Jesus Lives and So Shall I  (Nathan Partain)
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Song of Preparation: The Strife Is O’er  (arr. The Welcome Wagon)
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Song of Response: I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Tune: Jesus Shall Reign) (Matt Grimsley)
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