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Have you ever wanted to do something precisely because it was forbidden? Perhaps you see a “No Trespassing” sign and immediately want to trespass, or maybe as a kid, you desperately wanted to go into the room in your parents’ house with all the breakables that you weren’t allowed into. For me as a kid, it was going into our cranky old neighbor’s yard. It was the one yard on the street where the owners didn’t want us playing in their grass, and so of course, it was the one yard that I most wanted to play in, which is exactly what my neighbor and I did when they were gone. In our little sinful minds, the fact that it was forbidden was part of what made it fun.

We are all sinners by birth, and the heart of sin is rebellion against authority, specifically rebellion against God’s authority. We do not want to be subject to anyone’s rule but our own, so our temptation is to do something precisely because it is off-limits. Rules always involve limitation, and our sin nature doesn’t like the idea of anything limiting our own freedom to choose. Anything that seems to limit our ability to choose (even if that limitation is beneficial to us) can become the enemy.

But rebellion against authority always has consequences. This is why Jesus came to die: the consequence of our rebellion against God was eternal punishment and death. So Jesus came to earth, submitted to the Father’s authority, and died the death that we deserved. Our rebellion brings judgment; Jesus’ obedience brings grace for you and me. We worship Jesus not just because He died for us, but also because He willingly submitted to the Father’s will and lived the righteous life that we could not live.


Scripture: Deuteronomy 18:1-14
Sermon: God Appointed Authority


Jesus Shall Reign (Traditional)
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Lion of Judah (Robin Mark)
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Alleluia! Sing to Jesus!
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Song of Preparation: Word of God  (Brenton Brown)
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Song of Response: How Firm a Foundation
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