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The book of Hebrews has been full of comparisons with Jesus. The author has been going through many different categories of offices and saying, “Yes, these are great, but Jesus is greater.” Or, to put it another way, “Christ Is Superior Over All” (what a creative title for a sermon series!). Our sermon series has described Jesus as the Son of God and therefore greater than kings, prophets, and angels. All of these categories have been relatively familiar to us. We know what kings are, we’re familiar with the idea of spokespeople and angels. This week’s text gets us into the description of Jesus as the Great High Priest. This theme will continue throughout the book of Hebrews, but since it comes up less often outside of the religious realm and is important to clarify.

So, what does it mean that Jesus is a Great High Priest? My mind always drifts to thinking of those pictures in study bibles of the priestly garments described in the Old Testament. Does Jesus being a priest mean he wore a silly looking hat? Probably not. Priests were in charge of representing the nation of Israel to God and representing God to the people. They served as mediators. Because of the nation’s sinfulness, they would be in charge of making sacrifices on behalf of the people so that they could enter into God’s presence. They were worship directors, leading the people in worshiping and serving God in the way that God prescribed. Jesus was our great high priest because he made the sacrifice that our sins deserve. Jesus is our great high priest in his current intercession for our souls. He stands with us before the throne of grace perfecting our worship. 

This is why Uptown celebrates communion at a table instead of at an altar. An altar is where sacrifices are made, a table is where feasts happen. Jesus invites us to celebrate his once and for all sacrifice with him. The bible talks about how on earth Jesus gave himself for our sins, so in heaven he makes intercession for our persons. He died for our sins, he intercedes for our souls. We don’t need to sacrifice Jesus over and over every third Sunday of the month. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, looking to the Son, who is speaking to the Father on our behalf right now and for all eternity. 


Scripture: Hebrews 5:1-10
Sermon: The High Priest Above all High Priests


And Can It Be (Scott Roley)
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Rock of Ages (Brooks Ritter)
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I Will Offer Up My Life  (Matt Redman)
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Song of Preparation: High Priest (Rivers & Robots)
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Song of Response: Before the Throne of God Above (Sovereign Grace Worship)
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