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My roommate’s dog might be one of my favorite beings in Charlotte. Dakota is an 8-year-old boxer-pitbull mix. She is 100% smiles and wagging tail. The past few mornings I have found some dead chipmunks in the front yard after letting Dakota out there to play. Today I turned my eyes away for just a couple seconds and heard another chipmunk squeal and saw Dakota towering over the poor little thing. I choose to believe the best in Dakota and think it’s an “Of Mice and Men” situation where she doesn’t realize how strong she is. She is trying to play but has disastrous results. When I yell at her to stop being mean and get away from there, she gives me this sad look as if she is saying, “But I’m just a sweet little pup! It’s part of my nature to hunt rodents to keep you safe. I need to do this because I’m a dog!” And then she tries to lick my face and doesn’t understand why I think that’s gross.

Paul encourages us to not be like Dakota in our spiritual walks. Dakota is adding works to her identity. She is no more or less a dog because she hunts rodents. She’s a dog because it is her defining characteristic. It is who God has made her to be. We too are no more or less Christians because of the things we add onto our faith. We are not more Christian if we fast twice a day for prayer; we are not less Christian if we are two months behind in our Bible in a Year plan. The only way to increase in godliness is to increase in Christ. The Colossian world was full of philosophers who were trying to add good things to the works of Jesus. Philosophy and wisdom are not inherently bad things, but when added as a qualification for godliness, they are deceiving. What God requires is unity with Christ and He did all the work to make that possible. God nailed our debt to the cross so that we can stop chasing mice and start living the full life found in Jesus Christ and share that life with others in Uptown area, Charlotte, and around the world.


Scripture: Colossians 2:6-23
Sermon: Follow Jesus, Not Worldly Wisdom


Lion of Judah (Robin Mark)
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Not What My Hands Have Done (Indelible Grace)
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Cornerstone (Hillsong)
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Song of Preparation: Simple Gospel (United Pursuit)
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Song of Response: In Christ Alone (Keith and Kristin Getty)
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