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I was really struck by something that Mike said when he preached a few weeks ago. The gist of it was, “How do you respond when you mess up? Do you act surprised, as if you could never fail?” I was convicted by this question because, even though I mess up regularly, somehow I’m still surprised and frustrated when I do. I still expect myself to be perfect, and when I fail, I look around for any possible excuse that places the blame on something or someone else. In our passage this week, Jesus tells the disciples that, when the time for His death comes, they will all abandon Him. And every single one of them reacts by taking offense, insisting that they would never abandon Him.

Yet when the time comes, they all ultimately fail Him. First, they fall asleep in the garden, when Jesus is at the height of His distress (I’ve always felt a lot of sympathy with the disciples at this point. 9:30 rolls around, and I want nothing more than a nice cozy bed). Then, when Jesus is arrested, they all abandon Him, fleeing for their lives. In these two failures of the disciples, we can see the two basic types of human failure. On the one hand are those failings, like sleep, that are the result of our natural human weakness. After the disciples fall asleep, Jesus says to them, “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” We are all finite and frail because we are humans living in a broken world. These types of failures include accidentally knocking over a glass full of water, forgetting an appointment, or losing a client at work. They often lead to embarrassment and frustration.

But there is another type of failure: sin. At the heart of sin is fleeing from Jesus, just like the disciples did. When we sin, we run away from God and His law. When we sin, we show that we would rather live life our own way than walk alongside Christ and carry our cross. When you lie to a parent or spouse, you are also running away from Jesus. When you cut corners at work to get ahead, you are also running away from Jesus. When you harbor bitter thoughts in your heart, you are also running away from Jesus.

Jesus took on our human weakness in its entirety (without being sinful in any way), and in our human weakness, He lived the perfect life that we could never live. He understands what it’s like to be frail, to be sick, to be weak. If we flee to Him, rather than away from Him, there is grace and love waiting for us. This Sunday, flee to Him.Flee to Him knowing that He has succeeded where you have failed. Flee to Him in worship. Flee to Him for grace.


Scripture: Matthew 26:31-56
Sermon: Face It, You Failed


How Firm a Foundation
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Good Good Father (Housefires)
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Cornerstone (Hillsong)
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All Who Are Thirsty (Vineyard)
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Song of Preparation: Brokenness Aside (All Sons and Daughters)
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Song of Response: Grace Greater Than Our Sin (Traditional)
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