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There is a common joke that it can be dangerous to pray for patience. If you pray for patience, God doesn’t give you patience – He gives you more opportunities to be patient. God brings those special people or situations in your life that just drive you crazy in order to give you the opportunity to show them patience. The same thing can be true of all aspects of sanctification. Praying for sanctification can be a hard thing. Now that God has set us free from the power of sin (definitive sanctification), He gives us opportunities to choose not to sin and to choose righteousness.

In Jeremiah 18, God describes Himself as the potter and his people are clay. If you have ever taken a pottery class or seen potters molding clay, it doesn’t look like a pleasant experience for the clay. It sits on the wheel and is spun around in circles at a million rotations per minute while the potter applies pressure to shape it into something it does not want to be naturally. When God is sanctifying us, it can feel like we are spinning around in circles getting poked in all our weak places. We are full of bumps and cracks, which God shapes out of us. The world hates the process of sanctification because it does not see how broken it is and tries to smooth over its blemishes with its own works. Christians should love the process of sanctification because we do see how broken we are and how beautiful God is making us. God molds us into vessels for honorable use (2 Timothy 2:20-21). We should delight in every opportunity God uses to make us more like Him.


Scripture: Romans 6:11-14
Sermon: Progressive Sanctification: Becoming More Like Jesus


Song of Ascent: Come to Us Emmanuel (Ordinary Time)
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Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (Red Mountain Music)
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O Love that Will Not Let Me Go (Indelible Grace)
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Draw Me Nearer (Caedmon’s Call)
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All I Have is Yours (Sojourn Music)
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Song of Preparation: O Great God  (Sovereign Grace)
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Song of Response: Take My Life (Chris Tomlin)
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