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Mythology has always been an interesting subject for me. In history classes growing up, I enjoyed the lectures on Greek and Roman gods because it was mostly stories and there were no dates to memorize. It’s fascinating to think about how a society would see a common phenomenon like lightning and think “there must be a god behind that” and then proceed to make up the stories of Zeus/Jupiter/Thor. These fantasies are entertaining and often come with moral guidance on how to live here on earth. All of these morals basically boil down to, “don’t upset the gods.”

Many non-Christians in our world see Christianity under a similar light. Our modernistic world would say that there’s some truth behind the stories of the Bible, but there is no way that anyone can believe all of it to be true. Believing that God took on human flesh and became a baby, born of a virgin, seems just as far-fetched as believing that Thor is the son of Oden. They would say that the Christmas story tells us the good message of mercy, time with family, and it is the time to celebrate the birthday of a really nice guy. In response to this criticism, we often shy away from boasting in the incarnation. But God gives us many reasons to boldly embrace Jesus! This Christmas season we can boast in God the Son incarnate. This was a historical event that makes a huge impact on all of eternity. Let us not shy away from the good truth of Christmas because Jesus is the true reason for this season. 


Scripture: Matthew 1:18-25
Sermon: The Incarnation: Embrace Jesus!


Song of Ascent: King of Kings (Ordinary Time)
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Savior of the Nations, Come (Cardiphonia)
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Angels We Have Heard On High
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It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (arr. Jars of Clay)
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Come, Behold the Wondrous Mystery (arr. Matt Boswell)
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Song of Preparation: Glory Be to God On High (Chicago Metro Presbytery Music)
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Song of Response: O Come All Ye Faithful
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