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One of the most popular refrains in all hymnody is, “Jesus loves me! this I know, For the Bible tells me so”. Anna Bartlett Warner wrote this song specifically to teach it to children, and over 150 years later, all around the world Christians still teach it to children. It is intentionally child-like in its tune and simple vocabulary, but does not lack deep theological truths. Even from a young age, we can know of Jesus’ love for us and that Scripture affirms that truth. The song even implies the truth of special revelation – “[God] makes Himself more clearly and fully known to us by His holy and divine Word as far as is necessary for us in this life, to His glory and our salvation” (Belgic Confession, Article 2).

How do we know that Jesus loves us? Because the Bible tells us so! God reveals Himself to everyone through creation. Before Jesus, God revealed more and more of His character by speaking through the prophets. Now, Jesus speaks to us as God. Therefore, we should listen to His Word, the Bible. This week we begin a new series, Hebrews: Christ Is Superior Over All. We will be diving into the book of Hebrews and seeing how Jesus really is the best. We can know He is the best because He revealed Himself to us through Scripture.


Scripture: Hebrews 1:1-4
Sermon: God Speaks Through the Son


Crown Him With Many Crowns (Traditional)
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Word of God  (Brenton Brown)
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O Word of God Incarnate (Bobby Guy)
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 I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (Indelible Grace)
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Song of Preparation: What a Beautiful Name (Hillsong Worship)
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Song of Response: Speak O Lord (Getty Music)
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