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Angelology is an area of theology where most of our creativity may have gotten away from us. Not many Christians have a robust, well thought out theology of angels and demons. Pop-culture has told us that angels are humans in bright robes with eagles’ wings, our ancestors watching over us, or a cute nickname for our sweethearts (especially with Valentine’s Day coming up). The Bible does not dive into great detail in describing angels, but definitely acknowledges their existence and role in God’s providence. 

Often an angelic appearance in Scripture is followed by humans bowing down in worship or cowering in fear. Something about their presence commands people to respond like this. The angel then tells the person “Do not be afraid” or “Stop worshipping me!” Angels are the first beings the author of Hebrews uses in describing Christ as superior over all. Angels, these things humans keep trying to worship, are not as good as Jesus! How often are we immediately driven to worship when we think about Jesus? God the Father reserved a seat at His right hand for God the Son to occupy. He also commanded all the angels to bow down and worship Jesus. We don’t have words to describe accurately what an angel looks like, and angels fall on their faces and worship Jesus. We ought to be led to worship our great King too. 


Scripture: Hebrews 1:4-14
Sermon: Jesus is Better


O Worship the King (Passion)
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Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (Red Mountain Music)
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Come, Behold the Wondrous Mystery (arr. Matt Boswell)
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Song of Preparation: You Never Change (Austin Stone Worship)
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Song of Response: You Never Change (Austin Stone Worship)
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