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If you were to describe someone who lived a happy life, what comes to mind? Probably, someone with a perfect job, a perfect spouse, and perfect kids. Maybe someone who owns a house with a pool and a white picket fence (if you’re feeling quaint). And throw in a beach house or whatever your vacation home of choice may be. What about suffering? Would that be included in your description of what makes a happy life? Or someone whose life is marked by mourning? If you were making a list of things that lead to a happy life, would it include facing persecution? I doubt it. But Jesus considers mourners, sufferers, and those who face persecution to be blessed.

In the Christian life, the way up is often the way down. The world tells us to seek worldly success. Again and again, we are told that the road to happiness runs on the path of seeking after earthly pleasure (a good job, a nice car, a fancy house) and the pursuit of our own selfish desires. The idea that the way to happiness is to deny our desires and seek after godliness goes against everything around us. We want to pursue our desires, and the world tells us that this is a good thing. But then God comes in and demolishes our understanding of the blessed life. He tells us that the only way to happiness is by following His law, the only way to true joy is by self-denial, and the way to heaven is the way of suffering.

Rather than looking to the things of this world for your happiness, look to Christ. Take your eyes off the earth and look up to God in heaven. There you will find the truly happy and blessed life. The pleasure things of life will only lead to death and dissatisfaction when divorced from the true joy found in Christ. You were made to serve Him, and only in this will you ever be blessed. So when life is difficult, know that serving God in those moments is what leads to happiness. When you mourn, know that there is a comfort greater than anything you can imagine waiting for you in the arms of Christ. Seek Him and seek Him for His own sake (not for the sake of the joy He can give you), for only in this will you ever be happy.


Scripture: Matthew 5:1-12
Sermon: The Paradox of the Blessed Life


All Creatures of Our God and King (David Crowder)
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Jesus I Come  (Indelible Grace)
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Satisfied (Karl Digerness)
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Song of Preparation: Jesus Thou Joy of Loving Hearts (Red Mountain)
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Song for the Supper: Lord I Need You  (Matt Maher)
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Song of Response: Come Thou Fount (Traditional)
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