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I grew up watching sitcoms on TV Land. My family and I were big fans of Andy Griffith, the Cosby Show, and the Brady Bunch, to name a few. There is a certain type of plot line that these kinds of shows rely on, and it runs like this: someone messes up in some way (nine time out of ten they break their parent’s priceless heirloom), they do their best to cover it up, and inevitably their attempts fail and someone finds out. As an adult, these types of plots drive me crazy. Generally, the humor of these episodes revolves around the character’s ridiculous attempts to cover up their mistake, but I’m too busy yelling at the characters to get them to come clean to appreciate it. For a while, they’re able to hide their mistake, but as I watch, I know that they will ultimately fail.

Revelation gives us a similar view of the world’s sins; however, it does so with much less humor. It appears as if the world is going to get away with their sins. For a while Satan appears to be victorious, and it’s easy to become anxious about the apparent victory of evil around us. However, the book of Revelation stands with a knowing eye above it all and shows the ridiculousness and futility of any attempt to escape the coming judgment. Just as the consequences always caught up with the TV show characters I grew up with, so also the consequences and judgment for sins in real life will one day catch up with each of us upon Christ’s return.

The only way to escape this judgment is to acknowledge our sins before God and lean on Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. He has paid the punishment that would otherwise await all mankind on the day of judgment. If we lean on Him, we can have confidence that our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and if our names are written on that book, then we have assurance that we will be spared from the consequences of our sin. So let us life up a voice of praise with the saints who have gone before us and praise Jesus for the victory that He has won and one day will bring to completion!


Scripture: Revelation 20:1-15
Sermon: The Final Destination of Evil and Good


Love Divine (Charles Wesley)
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The Sands of Time Are Sinking (Phillip Palmertree)
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Whom Shall I Fear  (Chris Tomlin)
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Jesus Lives and So Shall I  (Nathan Partain)
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Song of Preparation: There is a Land of Pure Delight (Red Mountain)
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Song of Response: For All the Saints (Indelible Grace)
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