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March Madness can be difficult to watch sometimes. There are times after these games that I have to turn away because the cameras focus on the losing team. These young athletes and their fans weep just feet away from what they worked so hard for. They watch through tears as their journey ends just one missed shot away from what they put their hopes in.

Often, I feel this way about the end of Deuteronomy. Moses seems to have faithfully served God’s people for 40 years in the desert. He made mistakes along the way, but so would anybody (the people seem to have made bigger mistakes than he did after all). Doesn’t Moses deserve to go to the Promised Land? Can’t God let that sin slide and be nice? But that’s not how Deuteronomy ends. Moses gets to stand on Mt. Nebo and see the Promised Land. He gets to see from a distance where Joshua will cross the Jordan, where Solomon will build the Temple, where Jesus will be baptized… But that’s as far as he gets.

But that is just where Moses’ earthly life ends. God remains faithful to Moses up to and through his death. God shows Moses the physical Promised Land before ushering him into eternity. Moses started this journey seeing a shadow of God’s glory in Mt. Sinai (Exodus 33), and ends his journey entering into God’s glory from Mt. Nebo. Why? Because God was faithful to Him and continues to be faithful to His Covenant people today.


Scripture: Deuteronomy 34:1-12
Sermon: God is Faithful


You Never Let Go (Matt Redman)
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Great is Thy Faithfulness (Traditional)
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In the Secret of His Presence  (Chris Miner)
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Song of Preparation: One Thing Remains (Shane & Shane)
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Song of Response: On Jordan’s Stormy Banks
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