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Was God the original “glamper?” Glamping is a new revolution in the world of camping where “stunning nature meets modern luxury.” You no longer have to sit in the dirt and forge for food, but can have running water and WiFi with you in the middle of a forest. When reading through the Old Testament, it can feel like God is a glamper. He sets out very specific requirements of how His tent is to be set up among the Israelites. He will not accept just any old tent, but needs His to be made with specific fabric and set up and torn down in a precise way. Entire chapters of Exodus are devoted to how the furniture was to be arranged and what people had to wear if they wanted to go into God’s tent. At times it feels like God is just being demanding and doesn’t really want to camp. 

But of course this is not the case. God’s glory dwelled in the Tabernacle and then in the Temple because God’s desire was to dwell among His people. When the Israelites were vagabonds in the desert, God wanted to be with them. When they had built themselves luxurious houses in Jerusalem, God wanted to be with them. But God being a Holy God, and His people being a sinful people, specific regulations had to be made. For God to live among His people, sacrifices had to be made to remind the people of their sin and that God’s presence was completely an act of grace. God is not laying down meaningless demands, but is doing everything necessary to live in communion with His people. I hope you’re not surprised at this point in our study of Hebrews that Jesus is a true and better Tabernacle. Each of the requirements in God’s “glamping” tabernacle is fulfilled in Jesus. It is by his blood that we are able to live in God’s presence forever.

I’m sad to say that this will be my final post in the Preparing for Worship Blog. Never fear, I am leaving you in very capable and familiar hands and Jeremy will be taking over this blog once again. I appreciate you all indulging my thoughts and stories for this past year, and am especially grateful for those of you who have reached out to say that I’m not sending this out into the emptiness of the internet, but you’re actually reading and interacting with it. As a final word of encouragement, I’d ask that you continue to plug into the Uptown Interns well. Charlotte is a very transient city, and the Uptown Interns come and go pretty quickly, but the time spent investing in the interns can make a big impact in their lives, your lives, and the Kingdom of God. I’m very thankful for the time you’ve spent investing in me, and hope to see the fruit of it as I go on to intern for RUF at NC State next year. Thank you again! ~ Connor


Scripture: Hebrews 9:1-10
Sermon: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus


My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less (Charlie Hall)
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And Can It Be (Scott Roley)
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Only Hope  (Caedmon’s Call)
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Rock of Ages (Brooks Ritter)
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Song of Preparation: Approach My Soul, The Mercy Seat (Jamie Barnes)
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Song of Response: Nothing But the Blood of Jesus (Traditional)
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