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Based on personal experience, I would say that theme parks do not bring out the best of people. I remember a particular promotion at Legoland when every child wanted a foam sword and shield so they could all be knights and slay the evil dragon. The highlight of the day came when a boy, probably no older than 5, just received his sword from the checkout line. His first act as a newly christened knight was to turn around, make three steps towards his two-year-old sister, swing his sword as hard as he could, and knock her clear off of her feet into a crying heap. His father immediately took the toy away and said, “HEY! This sword is not a toy. You are to use it to protect your sister, not to hurt her. Not only should you protect your sister, but also a knight should defend the poor and helpless, keep the peace, and uphold the good. Do you think you can do that?” I thought this kid got off easy, because a move like that would have immediately ended my day at Legoland. But he stood up tall, puffed out his chest, and gave a mighty, “Yes sir!” This new responsibility and calling to be a protecting older brother was much more difficult than simply not hitting his sister, and was a lesson to be continued for the rest of his life.

God too calls us to do more than go around not hitting people with our foam swords. Deuteronomy 24 and 25 are a call to protect the weak. We are honorable knights in the service of a holy king. Not only should we not steal from each other or cheat our way to success, but also we should defend the defenseless and uphold justice. We cannot do this by our own strength, but must look to Jesus, our guide and our helper. Jesus has shown us what is good and what the Lord requires of us: to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God. Jesus came in order to bring life to his covenant people who were dead and helpless in their actions against him. As a response to his saving grace, we are set apart to defend the weak just as Jesus has defended us.


Scripture: Deuteronomy 24:1 – 25:19
Sermon: Protect the Weak


Jesus What a Friend For Sinners (Traditional)
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Your Grace Is Enough (Matt Maher)
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Cornerstone (Hillsong)
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All Who Are Thirsty (Vineyard)
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Song of Preparation: You Have Shown Us (Martin Smith)
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Song of Response: Hail To the Lord’s Anointed (Sandra McCracken)
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