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Do you have certain expectations of Jesus? You’ve given your life to Him; now you should get something out of the deal, right? Do you expect Jesus to bring with Him the perfect spouse you’ve always wanted or the perfect children? Or do you expect that He will give you a job that you enjoy? After all, that’s how these things work, right? You scratch my back, Jesus; and I’ll scratch yours. Or perhaps you’re still waiting for Jesus to save that friend or family member whom you pray for every morning? Or for Him to rid you of a particular sin?

We all have expectations that Jesus is going to be a certain kind of savior, whether these expectations are conscious or not. Some expectations are more pious than others. Sometimes our expectations are physical: we expect Jesus to give us a better life now. Sometimes our expectations are spiritual: we expect the Kingdom to grow in the way we want. The problem with both is that we are making our own demands on Jesus, expecting Him to be and act the way we choose. In our passage this week, Peter clearly has expectations for Jesus. One moment Jesus declares that Peter is the rock upon which He will build His church, but the next Jesus calls Peter Satan. The reason for this is that while Peter realizes that Jesus is the Messiah, Peter’s notion of what that means is very skewed. He expects Jesus to be a physical savior.

We are no different. We have the advantage of living after Jesus’ death and resurrection, so we realize that Jesus came to bring spiritual, not political, deliverance. But we still have a tendency to expect Jesus to fix our problems as well as forgive our sins. How do you react to suffering? Are you surprised and shocked that God would let it happen to you? Then you’re still expecting, even if only subconsciously, physical salvation. Scripture never promises us deliverance from our circumstances in this life; it simply calls us to follow Christ in the midst of them. How are you letting your expectations shape how you act? Are you living in light of the expectations you have of Jesus rather than the call that He has for you?


Scripture: Matthew 16:13-17:27
Sermon: The Aha, Uh Oh and Wow of Following Jesus


O Worship the King (Passion)
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Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin)
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In Christ Alone (Keith and Kristin Getty)
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The Wonderful Cross (Chris Tomlin)
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Song of Preparation: The Transfiguration (Sufjan Stevens)
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Song of Response: Revelation Song  (Kari Jobe)
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