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“Count your blessings” is a phrase I often misuse. It is supposed to mean something along the lines of “stop and consider all the good things going on in your life,” or, “remember all the things that are going well for you right now.” I typically (and admittedly sarcastically and sinfully) use it to tell someone, “Stop being so ungrateful.” Praise the Lord that He is more gracious than I am. He is the only one in a place to rightfully say that, but exhorts us lovingly to count our blessings.

It is hard to confess in a banking town like Charlotte, but I am terrible with money. I hate thinking about it, talking about it, or (worst of all) asking for it. I get stressed out making a budget and eventually just ignore it, spend as little as possible, and blindly hope that everything works out. God calls us to consider all the ways He has blessed us, and praise Him for it. For me, this means humbling myself, looking at my paycheck, and recognizing that it is a blessing from God that I have hands to work. That money is a gift from God and I am called to give back to Him out of gratitude. By not budgeting, I was missing out on opportunities to bless the poor, support missionaries, and give to the church. I was not counting all the blessings God had given me, and therefore was not giving the proper response.

God calls His people to give thanks to Him for all the great things He has done. And there are innumerable things to be thankful for! We literally cannot count our blessings because there are far too many. This does not give us permission to stop thinking of specific ways God has shown us favor and giving thanks for them (like I tried to do with finances). The glorious Doxology begins with the line, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.” There is not a single blessing we have that did not come from God. Not only has God already blessed us, He continues to bless us and promises to pour out future blessing! God’s covenant people have so much to be thankful for, and Deuteronomy 26 is a reminder to count your blessings and give gratefully to God in response.


Scripture: Deuteronomy 26:1-19
Sermon: Grateful Giving


Come Thou Fount (Traditional)
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Enough (Chris Tomlin)
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I Will Offer Up My Life  (Matt Redman)
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Song of Preparation: Grateful (Elevation Worship)
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Song of Response:All I Have is Yours (Sojourn Music)
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