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I want you to imagine the next Blockbuster action movie. Two armies march to meet each other in battle. As they approach the battlefield, each army grows larger as they add more and more allies to the mix. By the time the two armies meet, you’re on the edge of your seat with anticipation for an epic fight scene. However, before the armies can ever meet in battle, the general of one of the armies simply says, “It is finished,” and the other army is instantly destroyed. That would be kind of disappointing, right?

This is exactly the kind of scene that Revelation sets for us. Previously, we saw how the enemies of God and of His people have been waging war against the church. We have seen the dragon warring against God and His saints. Then, in Revelation 16, this war comes to its climax. Revelation 16:13-16 depicts the dragon assembling the nations to march against God. Just like the epic movies that we’re used to, Satan gathers together the largest force that he can muster. Once the armies are gathered together, we begin to expect a great clash of cosmic forces, but this is not what happens. A voice comes from the throne-room of heaven, and instantly the forces of evil are vanquished without a fight.

If this were the plot of the next Avenger’s film, we would all be severely disappointed, but as the future for which we hope, nothing could bring us more joy. After all of the difficulties and skirmishes of life, there is no great battle awaiting us at the end of time. There will be no final test, no final obstacle to overcome before the joy of heaven. The final battle has already been won on the cross; we simply await the day when Christ ushers in the victory that He has already achieved. Therefore, regardless of the difficulties that you have faced this week, you can come to worship with gratitude toward Christ, because we know that He has secured eternal joy for His people.


Scripture: Revelation 16:1-21
Sermon: God’s Judgment on All Evil


Psalm 110 (R.V. Williams)
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Not Be Shaken  (Norm Strauss)
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All Things New (Red Mountain Music)
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Song of Preparation: Justice Will Roll Down  (Sandra McCracken)
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Song for the Supper: I Thirst Thou Wounded Lamb of God (Bethany Brooks)
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Song of Response: Lo He Comes  (Indelible Grace)
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