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Of all the rituals and festivities that go on in a year, New Year’s Resolutions are one of my favorites. Collectively, the world unites on one night and resolves in a unified triumphant voice, “We will be better than we were last year!” For a few weeks there are zero available treadmills at the gym, social media posts are significantly reduced, and all the Bibles are off the bedside table every day. For some reason in January, we forget just how depraved we are and try to earn our merit. It is like clockwork how quickly we all fall off track. We even had a great Sunday school class in January and February titled “New Hope for a New Year: Leaning on Jesus for Lasting Change.” If you have not listened to it, I highly recommend it here.

Thankfully, God does not forget how depraved we are. When we enter into a covenant with Jesus, He takes 100% of the workload for our salvation. If He didn’t, everything we put our hope in would be as flimsy as any other resolution. Throughout Deuteronomy we have been reminded of our sinful state. It is a difficult lesson to hear, but we desperately need reminders. The Israelites have been wandering in the desert for 40 years because of their sin and still need to be reminded of how sinful they are. In Deuteronomy 27, the Israelites re-affirm their knowledge of God’s law. Deuteronomy 28 is a reminder that God will justly curse those who disobey His commandments and bless those who obey Him. This week, we get to Deuteronomy 29 where the covenant is renewed. God reminds His covenant people that He did all the work that got them to this point, and He will continue to do all the work. As Jonathan Edwards famously put it, “You contribute nothing to your salvation except the sin that made it necessary.” God takes the initiative to call His covenant people into a committed relationship with Him, and it is a commitment we must remind ourselves of and take up every day. God is committed to His covenant people, and they ought to respond by committing themselves to Him.


Scripture: Deuteronomy 29:1-29
Sermon: Renewing Our Commitment


Our God Our Help In Ages Past  (Cardiphonia)
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Hail To the Lord’s Anointed (Sandra McCracken)
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Psalm 62 (Aaron Keyes)
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We Delight (arr. Caedmon’s Call)
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Song of Preparation: Come Let Us Worship (Chris Tomlin)
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Song of Response: Be Thou My Vision (Traditional)
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