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How do you live when no one else is around? Are there things you’re willing to do when you know no one is watching that you would never do if you knew someone would find out? Or on the other side, are there good things you do in order to look good to others? As I have gotten older, I have slowly realized just how much of the good that I do is motivated by a desire to look good to others. From an early age, I realized that if I did good things, people would notice me and praise me. I thought of myself as a kind person, but really I was just a people-pleaser.

What are the primary things that motivate your actions? Scripture teaches us that God looks at the heart (I Samuel 16:7). He cares about the motives behind our actions, not just the actions themselves. The primary motivation that God desires from us is to seek to please Him. As our Father, God delights when we do good things (Colossians 1:10), and His joy and glory is the proper motivation for everything we do. God has saved us by His grace; we are united to Him by the Spirit; and we are now His children. Therefore, our natural response should be to seek to please God. Do you seek the smile of your Father in heaven? Or are you motivated by the praise of others? Pray that God will send you His Spirit to continue turning your heart towards Him, and in all things seek the smile of your heavenly Father. Look at everything God has done for you; out of gratitude, do good to please Him.


Scripture: Matthew 6:1-18
Sermon: Do Good to Please God, Not Others


Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim (tune: O Worship the King)
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Hark the Voice of Jesus Calling (tune: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus)
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Love Constraining to Obedience (Shane Martin)
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May the Mind of Christ (Ordinary Time)
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Song of Preparation: In the Secret of His Presence  (Chris Miner)
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Song of Response: All I Have is Yours (Sojourn Music)
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