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One of my odd pet peeves is that I hate it when different foods on my plate touch. Casseroles are fine, as are any other foods that are meant to be eaten together, but if I have chicken, carrots, and mashed potatoes on my plate, I would really prefer that none of them come into contact with each other. This always presents a dilemma at Thanksgiving: either I can load up my plate with food and know that green bean juice is going to get all over everything, or I can get less food, come back for seconds, and risk the good stuff being gone. The problem with letting my foods touch is that inevitably everything comes out tasting a little bit like green beans, and the different food items no longer taste the way they’re supposed to taste.

As God’s people, God calls us to be holy, which means to be set apart. In the Old Testament, God commanded His people Israel not to mix with the other nations around them. And the reason He gave them this commandment was so that they would look and act differently from the other nations that worshipped false gods and engaged in sinful practices. God didn’t want Israel to taste like green beans. Sadly, throughout Israel’s history, they failed to set themselves apart and in the process embraced the sinful practices of other nations.

While God still wants His people to look and act differently, He no longer calls us to be set apart in the same way. He no longer calls us to avoid unclean foods or make war against unbelievers. But the command to reject ungodliness and sin is the same. We are still called to embrace practices that the world thinks are weird, like believing what the Bible says and abstaining from sex until marriage. We are still called to fight against the sin and unholiness in our own hearts. We will never be free of the stain of sin this side of heaven, but God still wants us to be growing in purity, learning to set ourselves apart from the sinful thoughts, words, and actions of the rest of the world. But where are you failing to do this? Are there places in your life where you look just like the rest of the world? Take time to analyze your words and deeds to see whether they reflect the pattern of this world or the pattern of God’s word. For those areas where you are conforming to this world, bring them to God in repentance and ask Him to bring your heart into conformity with His desires rather than the model that the world gives us.


Scripture: Deuteronomy 14:1-21
Sermon: Set Apart as a Holy People


Holy Is the Lord (Chris Tomlin)
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Revelation Song  (Kari Jobe)
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Holy, Holy, Holy (Traditional)
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Song of Preparation: Wholly Yours (David Crowder)
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Song for the Supper: Lord I Need You  (Matt Maher)
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Song of Response: Take My Life (Chris Tomlin)
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