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Power and gentleness is a rare combination. People are like fire. The more powerful they become, the more dangerous and oppressive they can become. History is full of examples of men and women who have gained power and used it selfishly to advance their own agenda by oppression. Power corrupts. But, as always, Jesus stands out as the exception. Time and again in the Gospels we see Him performing incredible acts of power as he heals diseases, calms storms, and casts out demons, and He always uses this power for the good of others.

As the Gospel of Matthew continues to unfold, we will get deeper and deeper glimpses into the power of Jesus, but as we do, we will also get deeper and deeper looks into the mercy and compassion of Jesus. Until finally both His pity and His power reach their culmination in the same act: His death and resurrection. Jesus’ ultimate act of power is also His ultimate act of love and mercy. One of the great truths that the Scriptural accounts of Jesus’ life teach us is that the power and pity displayed in Jesus’ death and resurrection were not a one-time thing. Rather, it was the culmination of an entire life lived for the sake of sinners like you and me. The cross was not a blip on the radar or anomaly. It is the highest peak in a mountain range of God’s powerful work on our behalf. God has proven Himself to be both powerful and merciful; therefore, we can trust that He will act on our behalf in power and mercy in the future.


Scripture: Matthew 8
Sermon: Pyrotechnics and Pity from our Powerful Christ


O Worship the King (Passion)
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Indescribable (Chris Tomlin)
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Our God (Chris Tomlin)
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Song of Preparation: Greater Than Our Hearts (Indelible Grace)
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Song of Response: Jesus Shall Reign
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