I am always moved by the story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Their Lord had just been crucified and in their minds he was dead and in the grave. Yet they still had hope, they had hoped that Jesus would be “the one to redeem Israel.” They were wrestling. Thinking that it could not be true that he was dead. Mulling it over in their minds all that had happened. All the while Jesus is walking with them keeping them from knowing who he truly is. 

There is much we can draw from this story, but what stands out is the intimacy of the Lord with these two disciples in the midst of their doubt and confusion. This time of year helps to remind us of the God that stands so near to us. We may be struggling with much pain or suffering. We may have doubts about God and what he is doing in our lives, but he stands looking over our shoulders knowing intimately all that we struggle with. We can look to the Cross and the resurrection and see that the Lord is with us and has brought himself low to save us and redeem us. In the midst of our doubt and fear and anxiety we can look to the risen Lord knowing that he stands with us in all of it and loves us with a love that is unmatched. 


Scripture: Luke 24:13-35
Sermon: Hope In The Resurrection


Every Ditch, Every Valley (arr. Ordinary Time)
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Christ Is Risen He Is Risen Indeed
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Christ the Lord is Risen Today (arr. Traditional)
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Christ is Risen (arr. Matt Maher)
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Jesus Lives and So Shall I  (arr. Nathan Partain)
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Song of Preparation: Who Will Roll Away the Stone
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Song of Response: Only Hope  (arr. [arranger])
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