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“Back in the day,” Tuesdays were music-culture’s favorite day of the week. It was a norm that record stores would release brand new albums on Tuesdays. Now, in a more digital musical age, this phenomenon has disappeared. Most artists release singles on new music Fridays. They want their hit song to be on the radio all weekend. The whole concept of an album has disappeared. In an album, artists understood that not every song could be upbeat and driving all the time. If every song is the same tempo, in the same key, and with the same instruments, the listener will burn out and not make it through the whole album. Even if they use the greatest tempo, keys, and instruments, it will eventually get boring. Artists would craft their entire album to have a flow to it. Each song would tell a story, but the entire album had a story as well. Sometimes the best song on the album is the one that is slower and softer, the one that is set apart from the rest. The same idea applies to public speaking. If you have ever sat through a speech where the speaker has the same tone the entire time it becomes monotone, even if they are excited. Sometimes the most important part of a speech is the sentence that is whispered. 

We live in an age where everything is “Go! Go! GO!” all the time. I walked into Starbucks the other day and saw someone sitting and drinking their coffee with no book, no phone, no newspaper, and no headphones. Just sitting and drinking coffee. My first thought was that something must be wrong with this person! How could they manage to stop everything for a whole ten minutes and enjoy their coffee? Aren’t they afraid they will miss out on something? Taking a deep breath and stopping activity for ten minutes is counter-cultural. Just imagine taking a deep breath and stopping for an entire day of the week. God created us in His image, and even in His omnipotence and perfection He took one day of the week and set it apart for rest. He gave us a model for Sabbath-resting as a gift for us to enter into and be filled up and worship Him. We are not designed to be all top hits all the time. Each day has a story to tell, but each week has a natural rhythm and flow to it as well. Enjoy the slower days. Take time to stop. Believe that God is sovereign and knows that you still have work to do, but commands you to trust in Him and rest anyways. Take delight in God’s Sabbath-rest


Scripture: Hebrews 4:1-11
Sermon: Enter God’s Sabbath-rest


Christ is Enough  (Hillsong)
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Psalm 16: Fullness of Joy (Shane & Shane)
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I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (Indelible Grace)
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Song of Preparation: In the Secret of His Presence  (Chris Miner)
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Song of Response: Jesus I Am Resting, Resting (Shelly Moore Band)
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