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I have recently been watching a couple of documentary series on Netflix that have been put on by CNN. The series covers the decades of the 20th Century starting with the sixties. I have always enjoyed history and it is a fascinating series to watch as it covers main topics from these decades. In the sixties decade they cover the British Invasion starting with the Beatles as well as terrorism at home and abroad. Its fascinating to me to see all of the moving parts and just how much can happen within 10 years! It can also be disheartening. It seems as if there is no meaning to all these random events. They all lead to another decade of events that are hard to explain as well. When we look back into history it may be hard to make sense of the situations when everything is separated and seen as isolated occurrences. However, as Christians we know that there is actually a grand story arc that undergirds the very events of the world. As the church we are caught right in the midst of this great story. To summarize the story it is the story of the creation of the world, the fall of mankind and how God is redeeming his people. There is an enemy that seeks to thwart God’s purposes and as we look back at history we can see how the enemy has attempted to do this, but Christ is victorious on the cross. When we rightly understand history we will be able to make sense of our own situations all the while being aware of how the enemy of God will attempt to destroy and divide. Therefore we can turn to our savior knowing that he is the God of the universe who has saved his people for himself.  


Scripture: Revelation 12:1-6
Sermon: The Right Sight of History


Crown Him With Many Crowns
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Let Your Kingdom Come (arr. Bob Kauflin)
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You Said
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Come Thou Long Expected Jesus (arr. Red Mountain Music)
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Song of Preparation: Christian Dost Thou See Him  (arr. Traditional)
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Song of Response: Onward Christian Soldiers (traditional)
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